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Student of the Month – Jasper Purkey – Kindergarten

The Hollister Early Childhood Center’s kindergarten team is excited to announce Jasper Purkey as our Student of the Month.  Jasper’s teacher, Mrs. Hasler said, “Jasper is a friend to everyone in our school and is always looking for ways to help his classmates.  He has a smile that will light up a room and he gives some of the very best hugs.  Jasper follows the expectations that we have at school and always tries to make the best choice as he sets a great example for his classmates and they can always look at Jasper to see what they should be doing.  He comes to school every day with a smile on his face, ready to learn and do his best work, even when it is not easy.  I know that Jasper is always making sure to be his best as he always follows the Tiger Code of being kind, being safe and being a learner.”                 

Way to go, Jasper!  We’re proud of you!


Purkey, Jasper


Please be advised that tomorrow evenings family events will be cancelled in conjunction with school not being in session. This includes both our Title I Olympics family event as well as PTO Skate Night. Please be watching for further details in the near future.

Stay safe and stay warm!!

After spending hours this afternoon and into the evening driving routes, we are still concerned about some of our stops and the tighter areas we send buses. Therefore, there will be no school tomorrow - January 18th, 2018. We are certain that by noon tomorrow, if not before, everything should be safe for school bus travel.

Due to current and anticipated road conditions in the morning, there will be no school Wednesday, January 17th. 

Due to current and anticipated weather conditions, there will be no school tomorrow, Tuesday, January 16th.

PAT/ELP/ECSE Camp Indoors Night!

If your student is involved in one of the Hollister Early Childhood Center PAT/ELP/ECSE programs, this night is for you!  RSVP by January 22 by calling 417-243-4058!

PAT Camp Indoors Flyer

Greetings Hollister families,

Based on the most recent forecast by the National Weather Service we are going to dismiss early today (Jan. 11) in order to get all students home safely this evening. We will dismiss from the high school and middle school at 1:30 this afternoon and dismiss from the elementary and early childhood center at 1:40 this afternoon.

The National Weather Service is predicting a flash freeze very similar to the one in 2016. We want to ensure that all of our students arrive home safely and warm before temperatures drop this afternoon. Therefore, all activities for this evening Thursday, January 11, are canceled. 

Thank you for your help and support keeping our tigers safe

Hollister R-V Schools

Title I Night Rescheduled

Olympics Title I Night flyer

Top Tiger – Liam Craft, 1st Grade

”Liam has such a kind heart. He is helpful and so respectful. I can always count on Liam to try his best and set a good example for others. He comes to school ready to learn and makes great choices even if I’m not watching. I am so proud of Liam!”  Miss Arias

Craft, Liam

Top Tiger – Adalynn Bush, 1st Grade

”Adalynn will be a great addition to the Top Tiger Den.  She comes to school every day ready to be a learner and follow the Tiger Code.  I can count on Adalynn to do her job and lend a hand to help me and other students.  She is kind and respectful to all students and staff.  I am very proud of her!"  Mrs. Kilgore

Bush, Adalynn

Top Tiger – Adilynn Jones, Kindergarten

”Adilynn is indeed a Top Tiger.  She is always kind, helpful, and exhibits great character at all times.  She always shows respect to others.”  Ms. Birk

Jones, Adilynn

½ Day – Early Dismissal – No School

We will dismiss at 11:41 am on Wednesday, December 20.

Lunch WILL be served.  There will be NO Tiger Academy.

No School – December 21–January 3 – Christmas Break

School Resumes – Thursday, January 4

Christmas picture

Holiday Fun Days

Top Tiger – Jonathan Lemmon, Kindergarten

”I have had the joy of watching Jonathan display the many characteristics of a Top Tiger while in Mrs. Hasler’s classroom.  Jonathan is always trying his best.  He is kind to others and shows respect to his teachers and classmates.  He is a great example of what a Top Tiger should be!”  – Mrs. Penrod

Lemmon, Jonathan

Top Tiger – Kiley Ticnor, Kindergarten

”Kiley is a great student and friend in our classroom!  She always helps others and makes sure things are ready or put away at her table.  She is quick to get her work started and it is completed to the best of her ability (which is, by the way, excellent).  She will be a grrrrrreat Top Tiger!”  – Mrs. Strahan

Ticnor, Kiley

Top Tiger – Emma Graham, Kindergarten

”Emma has shown great growth in responsibility and maturity.  She has worked hard to reach both personal and academic goals.  She stays on task, does her job, and is always doing what she needs to be doing.  She sees something that needs taken care of and does it without being asked.  I am very proud of her and all she has accomplished this year!”  – Mrs. Connell

Graham, Emma

PAT/ELP/ECSE Gingerbread Night

The Parents As Teachers, Early Learning Program, and Early Childhood Special Education Program will be having their annual Gingerbread Night on Tuesday, December 12, from 6:00-7:00 pm, in the ECC cafeteria.  If your child is involved in one of these 3 programs, then this event is for you and your family!  Come and decorate a gingerbread cottage with your child!  Please bring an edible decoration to share, such as M & M’s, gum drops, Reeses Pieces, Wheat/Rice Chex, etc.

Gingerbread Night Flyer

Top Tiger – Athan Davis, Kindergarten, Miss Sproul

”Athan will make a great Top Tiger.  He is always following the Tiger Code!  He does a great job of doing what he should in line, in class, and on the playground!  I can always count on Athan to be a great role model for the rest of my students.”  – Miss Sproul

Davis, Athan

Top Tiger – Emma Shields, 1st Grade

”Emma will make a great addition to the Top Tiger Den. She comes to school with a great attitude and ready to work.  Emma tries her best at everything she does – even when things are tricky.  She always has kind words to say and is so polite.  I can always count on Emma to set a great example!  We are so happy to have Emma in our class.”  – Miss Arias

Shields, Emma

Top Tiger – Raina Hunter, 1st Grade

”Raina is everything I look for in a Top Tiger.  She comes to school every day with a smile on her face and a learner’s heart.  I can ALWAYS count on her to be doing her job no matter where she is at school.  She is respectful to teachers and students and is ready to lend a helpful hand when needed.  I am SO proud of her!” – Mrs. Kilgore

Hunter, Raina

Top Tiger – Weston Richards, Kindergarten

”Weston is always kind to others.  He is helpful even when he has not been asked to be.  Weston is always working hard and staying on task.  Weston always shows respect to not only teachers but also to students.”  – Ms. Birk

Richards, Weston

Top Tiger – Luke Smith, 1st Grade

”Luke has really come out of his shell this year.  His communication with his teachers and peers has greatly grown.  I can always count on Luke to be doing exactly what is asked of him.  Great job, Luke!”  – Miss Combs

Smith, Luke

Top Tiger – Gracie Loftis, 1st Grade

”Gracie is ALWAYS the first to point out the positives in other people!  She is a helping hand when someone is struggling.  She has words of encouragement for everyone.  And she LOVES to celebrate when someone meets academic and behavior goals.  Gracie has the biggest heart and she is always so helpful!  I am so thankful to have Gracie in my class!”  – Mrs. Edwards

Loftis, Gracie

Top Tiger – Hattie Dalley, 1st Grade

”Hattie is a bubbly young lady who always brings a smile to my face.  Hattie always finds the best in every situation.  Her positive attitude is contagious!  Hattie is always setting a good example no matter where she is, even when no one is looking!”                     – Mrs. Edwards

Dalley, Hattie

Top Tiger – Gracie Hendrick, 1st Grade

”Gracie is an amazing role model of good character.  She makes smart choices and is always helpful to those around her.  I can count on Gracie to be showing the Tiger Code 100% of the time!” – Mrs. Wright

Gracie Hendrick

Top Tiger – Scarlette Wright, 1st Grade

”Scarlette ALWAYS follows the Tiger Code.  She is kind and respectful to everyone.  She makes good choices, even when no one is watching.  She tries her best, no matter how hard the task is, and never gives up.  Scarlette will be an excellent Top Tiger.  Way to go, Scarlette!” – Mrs. Graham

Scarlette Wright

Top Tiger – Lynlee Miller, Kindergarten

”I am so excited to announce Lynlee as our next Top Tiger.  Lynlee is a very hard worker and always tries her best.  She is always helping students in class and she’s a big help to me as well.  I can count on Lynlee to do the right thing and set a great example for others.  I am VERY proud of this little girl, she is AWESOME!”  – Mrs. Hasler

Lynlee Miller

No School!  Thanksgiving Break!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – November 22, 23, 24, 2017

Peanuts Thanksgiving Picture

Rock'n'Roll Flyer

Top Tiger – Destini Billups, 1st Grade

”Destini is the perfect example of what a Top Tiger looks like!  She is kind and caring to her classmates and works hard daily in the classroom.  I am so proud of her.”  – Miss Combs

Billups, Destini

Top Tiger – Chase Eskew, Kindergarten

”Chase tries his best, no matter how hard the task.  He overcomes obstacles and difficulties, showing great perseverance.  Chase gets along well with others and is always kind.  Chase makes good choices and does the right thing in all situations.  He is a great role model for others.”  – Mrs. Connell

Eskew, Chase

Top Tiger – William Sanders, Kindergarten

”William is a very quiet, kind young man.  He helps out in the classroom and is always doing what is expected of him.  He does a fabulous job on his classwork.  He is always paying attention and participates in our class discussions.  He will be a great Top Tiger.”  – Mrs. Strahan

Sanders, William

Top Tiger – Justin Howard, 1st Grade

”Justin ALWAYS demonstrates amazing character!  I can always count on him to do his work and to do the right thing even when no one is watching.  Justin is an amazing student and friend.  he will make a great addition to the Top Tiger Den!”  – Mrs. Edwards

Howard, Justin

Top Tiger – Josiah Wright, 1st Grade

”Josiah will make a great addition to the Top Tiger Den.  He is very kind to all of his friends and tries his best at all times.  Josiah always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude.  Josiah is always willing to help his friends solve problems when he sees that they need help and always has encouraging things to say.  I am so proud of Josiah!”      – Miss Arias

Wright, Josiah

Top Tiger – Nevaeh Durham, 1st Grade

”Nevaeh ALWAYS follows the Tiger Code.  She is respectful and kind to everyone.  Nevaeh works hard and always does her best!”  – Mrs. Wright

Durham, Nevaeh


Register Now for Love & Logic Parenting Classes

The Hollister School District is offering Parenting the Love and Logic Way classes, beginning Monday, October 23.  Parenting with Love & Logic is a program that teaches parents how to set firm limits in loving ways without anger, lectures, or threats. It is an approach to raising children that provides loving support from parents while at the same time expecting kids to be respectful and responsible.  Helpful tips and videos will be presented and discussed regarding:


  • Control Battles
  • Building self-confidence in your child
  • How to stop arguing and nagging and still get your child to do what you want
  • Fostering accountability and responsibility
  • Disciplining your child while maintaining a loving, respectful relationship


Classes will be held from 6 – 8 pm in the Hollister Early Childhood Center for five consecutive Mondays beginning October 23 and ending on November 20. This program is free of charge, snacks and parent workbooks will be included, and childcare will also be offered. Call Debi Lale at 243-4058 for required registration by Wednesday, October 18. 

Top Tiger – Jasper Purkey, Kindergarten

”I am so proud and super excited to nominate Jasper as our very first Top Tiger.  Jasper is always following the Tiger Code: Be Kind, Be Safe, Be a Learner.  He is a great helper in the class and I can always find him doing his job.  He sets a great example for others and I can count on him to be a helper when I am in need.  I cannot wait to see all the great things he accomplishes this year.  Wooo hooo!  Go, Jasper!” – Mrs. Hasler

Purkey, Jasper

Top Tiger – Caleb Shuler, Kindergarten

”Caleb is a responsible and respectful young man.  He always does the right thing, even when no one is looking.  He works hard and always turns in his best work.  Caleb is sensitive to the feelings and wishes of those around him and is eager to please.  I am honored to nominate Caleb as our class’s first Top Tiger!”  – Mrs. Connell

Shuler, Caleb

Top Tiger – Rebecca Council, Kindergarten

“Rebecca will make a great Top Tiger.  She is a wonderful listener.  She does a fantastic job lining up.  She always does her best on all of her work.  She is very kind to everyone.  She is also great at following directions.  She is what a Top Tiger is all about.”  – Miss Sproul

Council, Rebecca


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